Secrets of Chekhov Webinars were created over a fifteen-week period in the first four months of 2021.

They are a series of focused and concentrated sessions (each lasting approximately 90-minutes) in which I work with professional actors on a single scene from one of Chekhov’s major plays. (The viewer might think of it as auditing an ‘open’ acting class). We explore the given circumstances and character relationships in a deeper fashion than most actors are used to, uncovering ‘secrets’ and opening up new possibilities for Objectives and Actions.

The transformation of the performances in these well-known scenes is often remarkable.

These sessions may still be subscribed to ‘a la carte’ or in discounted packages of four or eight. Simply go to the Registration page and sign up. You will receive a ‘private link’ to the webinar you have requested.

These recordings are not available to the general public.


FOR ACTORS: not only will you be able to more effectively work on Chekhov’s plays, but your ability to use these exploratory techniques will enhance your work across all platforms, and help you to create richer, more specific characters on stage and in film and TV.

FOR DIRECTORS: You will learn how to more deeply penetrate the surface of a play and discover hidden complexities in the world of the playwright’s creation.

FOR WRITERS: Anton Chekhov is widely regarded as one of the great playwrights of all time. His four “major plays” revolutionized the western theatre and continue to influence writers today. Find out how and why he was regarded as a Master.            

FOR THEATRE LOVERS AT LARGE: Have an inside look behind the actors’ work! Discover the joys of Chekhov through the eyes and through the work of theatre professionals.


Week 1The Seagull- Arkadina and Treplev, Act. 3  (“the Bandage scene”)
Week 2Unavailable
Week 3Uncle Vanya- Sonya and Yelena, end of Act 2
Week 4Uncle Vanya- Yelena and Astrov, Act 4 (the Goodbye scene)
Week 5The Three Sisters -Masha and Vershinin, Act 2
Week 6The Three Sisters – Tuzenbach and Irina, Act 4
Week 7The Cherry Orchard – Anya and Trofimov, Act 2
Week 8Ivanov- Anna Petrovna & Ivanov, Act 3
Week 9Uncle Vanya- Sonya and Astrov, Act 2
Week 10Uncle Vanya- Sony and Yelena, Act 3
Week 11Three Sisters- Andre and Natasha, Act 2
Week 12Three Sisters- Olga and Masha and Irina, Act 3
Week 13The Cherry Orchard- Anya and Varya, Act 1
Week 14The Cherry Orchard- Trofimov and Lopakhin, Act 4
Week 15The Seagull- Arkadina and Trigorin, Act 3


  • Subscriber pay $20 per session (a la carte).
  • A package of four sessions (any combination) is $75.
  • A package of eight sessions is $140.
  • All sessions for $250.

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