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    Week 1 The Seagull- Arkadina and Treplev, Act. 3  ("the Bandage scene")
    Week 2 Unavailable
    Week 3 Uncle Vanya- Sonya and Yelena, end of Act 2
    Week 4 Uncle Vanya- Yelena and Astrov, Act 4 (the Goodbye scene)
    Week 5 The Three Sisters -Masha and Vershinin, Act 2
    Week 6 The Three Sisters - Tuzenbach and Irina, Act 4
    Week 7 The Cherry Orchard - Anya and Trofimov, Act 2
    Week 8 Ivanov- Anna Petrovna & Ivanov, Act 3
    Week 9 Uncle Vanya- Sonya and Astrov, Act 2
    Week 10 Uncle Vanya- Sony and Yelena, Act 3
    Week 11 Three Sisters- Andre and Natasha, Act 2
    Week 12 Three Sisters- Olga and Masha and Irina, Act 3
    Week 13 The Cherry Orchard- Anya and Varya, Act 1
    Week 14 The Cherry Orchard- Trofimov and Lopakhin, Act 4
    Week 15 The Seagull- Arkadina and Trigorin, Act 3

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